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Nail Cutting

nail cutting

Nail Cutting

The frequency of dog nail cutting is variable, but for most dogs, once a month is about right. In contrast to dogs who spend most of their time outdoors, the nails of indoor-only pets don’t wear down nearly as quickly and thus require dog nail trimming more frequently. On the other hand, nails on outdoor dogs can wear down faster from walking on asphalt or sidewalks, so they need to have their nails trimmed more frequently.

Your dog’s hygiene and health must keep its nails trimmed to a manageable length. Groomers at Claws N Paws have undergone extensive training and are fully licensed to provide the highest standard of care for your four-legged family member. No need to search for “dog nail trimming services near me” on Google anymore! Claws & Paws is the best dog grooming Amarillo has ever seen! Whether your dog is a puppy on their first visit or an elderly dog who has had nail treatments, our crew knows how to put dogs in comfort so that we can cut their nails without causing them any pain.

Why Choose Us For Nail Cutting?

Our professional nail cutting services benefit you in several ways. Here are a few:

  1. Regular maintenance: Regular nail cutting is integral to pet care, as overgrown nails can cause discomfort and even lead to health problems. By choosing Claws N Paws for your pet’s nail-cutting needs, you can ensure that their nails are adequately maintained regularly.
  2. Affordable Prices: We strive to provide high-quality nail-cutting services at affordable prices, ensuring that you can give your pet the care they deserve without breaking the bank. Claws N Paws is a reliable and trustworthy choice for nail-cutting services.
  3. Customized care: Our team takes the time to get to know each pet and their individual nail-cutting needs, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve. We are happy to work with you to determine the best nail length for your pet and provide customized care to suit their needs.
  4. Time-saving: Professional nail cutting at Claws N Paws is a convenient and time-saving option, as you don’t have to spend hours cutting your pet’s nails at home. This can be especially helpful for pets that are difficult to handle or owners with busy schedules.
  5. Expert styling: Besides basic nail cutting, our team is skilled at styling and shaping your pet’s nails to achieve the desired look.
  6. Safe Products: We use high-quality nail clippers and files to ensure a smooth and precise cut. This helps to reduce the risk of injury to your pet and ensures that their nails are trimmed evenly.
  7. Ongoing care: Professional nail cutting at Claws N Paws is a continuous service, ensuring that your pet’s nails are well-maintained regularly. Claws N Paws is a reliable and trustworthy choice for nail-cutting services.

What Do We Offer?

Many furry friends get nervous when their nails are clipped, and our knowledgeable staff gets that. But, because of the special bond we share with your pet, they will be at ease during this difficult time.

If you’re uncomfortable clipping your dog’s nails, you may rest well knowing that our groomers have access to equipment that regular pet parents don’t. Our groomers have access to high-quality clippers, grinders, and slings to keep your dog safe during the trim process, and they are trained to use all of these tools properly.

Many canine friends get nervous while their nails are clipped, and our knowledgeable staff knows this. But, thanks to our warm and caring interaction, this is a peaceful period for your pet—no need to search “dog nail cutting near me” anymore!